Singer A Pass a.k.a Alex Bagonza is slowly but surely proving to his beefing rivals Geosteady and Barbie Jay he is a true social media artistes who they must not take just lightly.

From the time Bebe Cool released his rather debatable list of artists he thought did well in 2017, musicians A Pass, Geosteady and Barbie Jay are taking down of social media, bickering back and forth about who has ‘work’.

As a way of ensuring both Geosteady and Barbie know their level, A Pass has come out and blasted the two musicians by unapologetically stating that it’s unfortunate they are still ignorant at their age.

“You are putting in so much work in remaining stupid. To all concerned fans of Tinkiwinky and his dear friend Please deliver this message to those 2 Teletubies. Barbie Jane and Geo Viola. I am busy finishing my 24 track Album’’, A Pass posted.

Geosteady and Barbie Jay had earlier branded A Pass a social media artist who has no real fans on ground.