Pallaso real name Pius Mayanja is known among the local music circles to be vocal and radical nonetheless on the current war of words going on over Bebe Cool’s heart-rending 2017 artiste list, he had kept his cool.

Many have been wondering why Pallaso who is proud and passionate about his music could maintain silence at a crucial stage. Well, he has responded in a meaningful way – not in particular naming names.

The Mayanja brother was moved by a taxi that had his name written on its front co-driver’s mirror and was forced to take a picture and share on his Instagram account with the accompanying words of wisdom.

Many believe this is aimed at Bebe whose toxic list touched so many artistes who feel they should respond with something to show.

Here is Pallaso’s post: “When your music reaches down hearts. Things like this start to happen. Never plastic.. The people know their realest.”