Slay Queens will continue to rule this town.

Gilbert Bukenya paraded a slender-size chic who made sure there was zero distance between them at the front row seat they occupied at Fik Fameica’s show at Sky Beach in Namasuba.

This ‘dry’ chic with heavy make up threw Bukenya’s army body guard at distant left seat as opposed to sitting just behind him as protocol requires.

If you thought FUFA chief Moses Magogo was the only one in this noisy town infected with Slay Queen syndrome you are dead wrong.

Our Bazinnyi at Sky Beach reveal this chic who had a bottle of wine to herself walked with the former VP hands tight and the only time he was allowed to breath was when he stood up to hand over a million shillings to the artiste of the night Fameica.

Bukenya is known to be a fan of slay queens and the documented ones among them include singer Iryn Namubiru.