The sight of Hellen Lukomwa and Kampala’s super casanova John Segawa on the table is disaster waiting to happen. No they are just doing business and enjoying it.

Hellen and Segawa are known serial daters and have reportedly moved out with names in this small town.

The needle thin actress and struggling singer seated with the man who conquered the hearts of two powerful girls in this town Mariam Ndagire and Ruth Wanyana, recently kicked out her boyfriend Dean and want to just freely swim in the waters.

Hellen posted pic of herself with Segawa and the accompanying words to caption will send an alert message to those who know the pair very well.

He is here Hellen’s sweet message: “Am a believer. I admire people who shine. I look up to people who shine. I love people who shine. But just coz yr shinning don’t mean I don’t have my own shine. Trust me am shinning too. And am going to be shinning for a along while.”

Segawa is the director of the ‘honourables’ showing on NTV where Hellen is an actress.