Big size extra-large, Ba Wa Zuena, Moses Sali a.k.a Bebe Cool while conducting facebook live with Raymond Soulfa a.k.a Peng peng, he said the Late Mowzey Radio died under unclear circumstances.
Bebe Cool says Doctors say his death doesn’t suit the story that the bouncer lifted and threw the late on the ground.
“Radio was sober, you cannot fall without getting bruises. When you are falling you make reaction either with arms or ankle. The doctors and police are investigating the matter” Bebe Said.
He advises artistes to move with security.
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As he emphasized security of artistes, Bebe Cool revealed that he did not attend the burial of the late Mowzey Radio because he could not handle the crowd.
“According to my situation with the late, we had our differences but when he was admitted, as a mature person, I combined efforts with Balam and did whatever we did but unfortunately, he passed on. As Bebe I knew I couldn’t go to bury with the people who knew i had differences with the late.” Bebe Said.
I could not take war at the burial because a person may have thrown a chair at me knowing that I had differences with the late for the last 10 years.

We have his audio below;