By Bash Mutumba


When a Muzzinyi crushes, he crushes on real stuff, not mediocre stuff. And yeah, a Muzzinyi doesn’t crush like any other man; he does a little bit more action. Go figure!


Well today, we crush on Sheilah Parker. A renowned Ugandan fashion and design genius, and of course Instagram slayer. We are not sure whether she also has some “Rwandan blood” like many Ugandan Slay Queens claim to; but one thing for sure, Sheilah, the blazing hot Carbin Crew(air hostess) trainee is the truth! Check her out:

Sheilah rocking the pretty office girl look
She loves to read fashion magazines — Accurately describes her sense of style
Raw sauce
Miss. Parker on one of her many flights
Of course alina work
White is purity
Sheilah has all the right stuff in the right places
Rocking that after office look
Bright future behind her
Say what?
When it’s got to be flawlessly fashionable
Simple but elegant is Sheilah
Miss. Parker on duty
Face facts! Any girl with a weak bikini game is not worth crushing on
Mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?


And to crown it all, there’s an unbelievable skill that Sheilah has that’s uncommon in girls of her stature. We don’t regret crushing on you, Sheilah Parker. Keep making our days.

______The other side of Parker 😋😄

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