It seems Wasafi Record signed Bongo Flava star Harmonize is taking the same strategy his mentor and boss Diamond Platinumz took when he laid out a master plan to conquer the African continent musically.

Diamond made sure he not only gets hooked to a financially independent woman but also gets himself an influential lady who would later use her connections to find him collaborations with top musicians across the continent.

Zari ne Platnumz

This means Diamond’s move to date Zari was a well thought through process to enable him achieve his music dream.

Having hugely succeeded using the bad boy strategy (I call it bad boy strategy because Diamond simply used and dumped Zari), harmonize another member in the Wasafi group has gone the same route.

Our sources reveal Harmonize got hooked up to loaded brown babe only identified as Sarah.


Our snoops further reveal that Sarah is head over hills so madly in love with Harmonize and is currently bankrolling his expensive music videos.

Just like Zari was to Diamond, it is believed Sarah is twice the age of Harmonize but the Tanzanian singer isn’t bothered about public opinion as he truly loves his woman.