Federation Of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) president, Eng. Moses Magogo says the August SC Villa presidential elections will not solve SC Villa Woes. 16-time champions, SC Villa last won the League title in 2004 and fans are becoming furious over lack of silverware.

SC Villa president, Emmanuel Ben Misagga wants another term in August
SC Villa president, Emmanuel Ben Misagga wants another term in August

Read Magogo’s thought below;

*Elections won’t Solve SC Villa woes*

As an SC Villa fan *(Not as a FUFA President) my opinion is that the elections at SC Villa will not make SC Villa any better irrespective of who wins. They may instead make the bad situation worse. For as long as the current custodians of these clubs (SC Villa & Express FC) do not wake up to the reality of the times they are headed for final bend. I have been singing this song since 2001 for those who care to remember

SC Villa had elections 4 years ago and what has since changed? It is still a struggling SC Villa without any realistic Sporting neither financial success. The fan base of a non-winning club just continues to age and thin

When Eng. Missaga was elected in 2014, he came to my office and I asked him for his vision and plan and he said he hoped to buy players and make SC Villa competitive again to win trophies. I told him I hope it works but as a fan our problem is not winning trophies but halting the extinction of the Club

A lot of his personal monies have been spent since but what is there to show? SC Villa cannot be financed by individuals and neither can it make money in the current state. We can’t compete with financial and sporting setup of KCCA FC and SC Vipers using personal resources. Ironically we are not using our competitive advantage of numbers to make the football money. SC Villa fans will continue with hooliganism because they have failed to reconcile with the fact that their desire to win and the strength of the team are far apart and widening every day. This is the bitter fact.

The problem of these 2 great clubs is simply ownership and nothing else. Without defined ownership of these giant sleeping brands they may soon die while in comma. Miracles won’t happen but hard work and facing the bull by the horns.

My opinion is for SC Villa and Express FC whom I think are in the same sinking boat is to define ownership which will then compose the leadership. Ownership of any asset can only be acquired by purchase, inheritance, and donation. Those fans who converge at Villa Park and Wankulukuku have no ownership of these clubs and are too few compared to ALL the fans. If you ask them to vote a Club President, who will they be representing? Can Manchester United have a meeting of its fans at Carlington Ground? Fans are just esteemed customers

Let SC Villa be put up for sales and only those who buy become owners and may make a decision to determine the leadership. The association of fans may also buy the shares. The collected funds from Shares may then be used to purchase a fixed asset like land and this will live for eternity

Otherwise whoever wins, the lines of division will only get deeper. It is my OPINION