Singer Jose Chameleone is well versed about the negative vibe that has been thrown towards his lil bro Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo ever since the death of singing partner Mowzey Radio.

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Being an elder brother and having sailed the strongest waves in his musical journey, he knows exactly which therapy that can serve to lift Weasel’s spirits especially on his birthday and keep him going no matter what.

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And with this, Chamili didn’t buy him a yacht or a sleek ride but rather took it to his Facebook page and penned down priceless words of wisdom and encouragement as he wished the hardcore ragga muffin a happy birthday.

Below is Chamili’s birthday present;

“Please Join me 2 wish Mr. Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Dear Brother,

This is my letter to you on your great day. I am a witness to your effort and self belief – That’s what made you Great!!

I am expressing myself to you this day to make you know that no matter how people will frown you,

As we grow older, We grow wiser.

In the position you are, All I would wish to see is you loving your family, Maintain your Good life Legacy and let the donkeys say whatever they wish to.
I read about you like you read about me. But we both know we are strong men. And we have both picked the rose of success out of thorns.
Keep God In your life and he will put everything in place.
Musically – I am your Fan!! Don’t let the negative society disrupt this day neither your Art!!

HAPPYBIRTHDAY WEASEL, Where the party @?


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