Drama was yesterday witnessed in the heart of Kampala business center after KCCA enforcement staff impounded on one of the street vendors selling merchandise and confiscated her property.

On perhaps realizing her only source of livelihood being taken away by well-built bodied men, the heart broken helpless woman had no better option of showing her frustration than to undress herself in front of hundreds of people.

The heart broken woman’s act of bravery attracted a mammoth crowd of sympathizers who tasked KCCA to return back the woman’s merchandise but all in vain

It is illegal for vendors to sale merchandise on Kampala Streets but hundreds of them risk their capital and flock the City streets every day to look for money


VIDEO: Unknown lady has undressed at Gazaland in the city center After KCCA took her merchandise.

Posted by ENEWS Uganda on Tuesday, 12 June 2018