Treating them like royalty when they are secretly sleeping with some else is something you would never want to do.

So if you see some of these signs in your partner, then it’s high time you cleared things up with them.

They are not as exciting in bed as they used to be

You obviously know the urges and desires your partner has about love and you are the only one who satisfies their needs, but if recently, they have not shown any need for love, then there is something wrong.

It is not absolutely sure they are sleeping with someone else if they love routine changes and here, we repeat, that do not doubt your partner without being completely sure. We suggest you look for more signs.

They take longer and longer to call or text you back

If they take too long to text you back or return a call, then there are chances of them cheating on you. In the dating period, you get to know how quick they are at replying to your texts and how long it takes them to get back to you on a phone.

If that is changed and they deliberately take hours to text you back, there is enough space for doubt to arise. Repetition of late response is a sign for you. Adding a screen lock to their phone is another sign.

They come home late from work

This one may sound like a dramatic and typical sign but people actually make excuses like ‘there’s a lot of work today’ and ‘I may have to spend the night’ when they want to speak out for something illegitimate. It is also one of the very old excuses.

Call them on it, or call their boss if your doubt increases. Do not be shy or care about what he will think, because if they are actually sleeping with another person, you will regret not questioning them earlier.

If your partner is usually not too interested in looking good, but they suddenly starting paying too much attention to their looks, maybe they are either trying to impress someone (which may be you or) other than you or have already impressed someone.

Self-grooming is a normal thing to do for anybody. but if they never had a problem going out with a gray shirt and blue jeans or caring too much about their hair but perfectly dress up now before going out, there is some place for planting your doubt.