Ugandans will never stop being amazing people especially in the attention driven space of  social media. Even when you post something extremely sensitive concerning life and death, the sarcastic natives in the pearl of Africa will find some drama to add on to the story.

Singer Irene Namubiri Today afternoon fell victim to the insensitive side of Ugandans on social media after she posted a picture of a young university man she claims saved her life in the deadly boat cruise accident that happened at Lake Victoria on Saturday evening.

After letting the world know about Masole Brian,a brave unversity student who risked his life to save her form the waters, fans told Irene to give the young boy some ‘sumbie’ instead of just showing gratitude on Facebook.”Muyambe omuweko bambi…please..muweko…I know it will make him more happy than giving him a car”  a one Silva Nuwagira commented on irene’s post

Below are some of the sarcastic comments asking Irene to lay the young man;