A number of  activists ,calling themselves the NRM Social Media Activists(SOMA), have been arrested after a group of over 20 this morning stormed the British High Commission offices in Kampala, protesting what they call as UK’s interference in Uganda’s internal affairs ,saying it was wrong for the UK parliament to meddle into the country’s  affairs yet the East African country is a sovereign state.

The Activists , with a specific leader, dressed in yellow T-Shirts,shirts and berets with photos of NRM national chairman; President Yoweri Museveni  took to the streets with placards written on; “ Back off Dr.William. You are not Ugandan.”

The activists carry placards at the British High Commission.(PHOTO BY Kenneth Kazibwe).

This comes after the UK parliament debated a motion ,on Uganda’s declining credentials , with the MPs decrying the continued harassment of opposition figures in Uganda among other key issues. They however said that as a democratic nation, the Ugandan government ought to urgently handle the underlying issues .

The Motion was by Dr Paul Williams from the Stockton South Constituency who noted that “Serious concerns have been raised internationally about the Ugandan Government systematically undermining democracy in their country,”

“Our strong, genuine friendship and partnership enables us to develop a wide range of mutual interests and to speak frankly to each other about issues of mutual concern, whether in a bilateral context or in the Commonwealth,” said Harriett Baldwin, the UK minister of State for Africa.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo has since blasted the legislators  for meddling into the affairs of a sovereign state.