Celebrated City MC and NBS After Five presenter Edwin Katamba a.k.a Mc Kats  seems to have confirmed that his relationship with long time girl friend and baby mama Fille Mutoni is all but done after he posted a video of himself on Instagram with another succulent brown babe having fun.

Katamba who has made his name as one of the most unrivaled event Mc hosts got his followers thinking what his baby Mama Fille was going through emotionally the moment she saw the raunchy video on Instagram

To make it even more mysterious, kats went a step further and captioned the 20 seconds clip.”My Pat” leaving many people with an answered questions with celebrated City comedian Patrick Salvado commenting on the post. ”Ehhh musajja wagwan” Patrick asked in amusement

Just like any other love story, Fille and Kats have always had an on and off relationship but lets hope this isn’t the last straw on the camel’s back

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