Being cheated on is never a fun ordeal. For some people, the feeling of being on the losing end of infidelity can be very emotionally traumatic.

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The hurt and pain that a person goes through after being cheated on is almost to the point of unbearable. However, if you do happen to get cheated on, it’s always better that you know about it rather than having you just go on acting the fool. In this case, ignorance is bliss, but you never want to be ignorant when it comes to your romance.

If you’re dating a cheater, you want to know about it so you can give him a piece of his mind. However you react to cheating is up to you. Some couples continue to stay together and find success despite some cases of infidelity. Other couples never seem to recover from 3rd party relations.

It all really depends on what kind of relationship you’re currently engaged in. So however you choose to react to someone cheating on you is entirely up to you. This article is just here to point out the 15 signs that your boyfriend is obviously cheating you.

1.He has one or a few female friends who get a little too close to him.

It’s okay to have some girl friends who are in his life. You can’t tell him to never hang out with girls anymore. Don’t be the crazy girlfriend. But of course, these girls should respect the boundaries of being a girl friend and a girlfriend.

2.He works a lot of late nights.

Is he really working a lot of late nights though? You should be cautious with this one because you don’t want to be too snoopy. But it might be weird if he does put a lot of time into his work when he typically doesn’t seem like the type to overachieve.

3.He was known to be a cheater in the past.

There’s a saying that goes, once a cheater, always a cheater! and while that may not necessarily be true, it’s highly likely that someone with a history of cheating is going to cheat again.

4.His grooming skills drastically improve.

He starts shaving more often. His haircuts are always on point. He puts some effort into getting dressed every day. If these are oddities in his everyday life, then you definitely know that something is up.

5.He acts differently around you.

The mood has somehow shifted. He looks very preoccupied and worn down. It’s as if guilt is wearing him down bit by bit.

6.You catch him telling you little lies.

He lies about where he was on certain nights. He lies about messages he gets on his phone and his Facebook. He lies about who he was out with. If he tells you lies about the little things, who knows what else he’s been lying about?

7.He gets very defensive when you start asking questions.

He doesn’t want you to snoop because he doesn’t want to get caught in a lie. He will try to deflect your questions with rage and anger. He wants to come off playing the victim even though he’s the one who’s cheating.

8.His friends act all different whenever they’re around you.

You notice it. It’s as if they know something about you and your relationship that you don’t. They don’t want to be the ones who end up tattling and so they act all shifty and indifferent whenever they happen to be around you.

9.He develops new catchphrases and mannerisms.

It’s natural for human beings to imitate things that they are always exposed to. If he starts developing catchphrases and mannerisms that are unfamiliar to you, then maybe he’s been exposed to someone who he’s not telling you about.

10.He seems out of it when you’re in bed.

You can tell that things just aren’t the same in the bedroom. Whenever you have your love-making sessions, you can always notice some things that are plain off. It’s as if he’s not living completely in the moment, and both of you are always left unsatisfied.

11.He starts smelling different.

If he starts smelling like women’s perfume a lot, then you know that something is up. No other woman should ever be getting close enough to him to rub her scent off.

12.He doesn’t talk to you so much anymore.

He doesn’t want to get caught in his lies and so he just chooses not to speak to you anymore. That way, he doesn’t have to remember any alibies that he’s told you in the past. It would be in his best interest to avoid conversations with you at all costs.

13.He has suspicious stains on his clothes.

Lipstick marks? Makeup stains? Where could they have come from? They certainly aren’t from his own face, right?

14.He gets weird text messages and phone calls at unusual hours.

Those 1am text messages and missed phone calls? They’re very suspicious. Sure, they could be from work or from friends, but if they’re happening on a consistent basis, then maybe you should start worrying.

15.Your instinct is on overdrive.

Your gut is punching your brain and telling it that something is up. Always learn to trust your gut and your instincts. Your subconscious will always be on the lookout for you and it may be picking up some things that your regular senses may have missed.