Bebe has dropped his brand new jam Easy on market- He has arguably the best Video in East Africa at the moment!

Easy was short in Carlifonia by our very own videographer, Shasha Vibes at an Hollywood cost…owing to the location, visuals in HD quality and ofcourse the vixens.

Image result for ceaserous

Ohhh! dont forget the fact that Bebe is the one who catered for Shasha’s Savy Films crew air tickets and accommodation. However besides that , there are two songs; Queen by Longombas and Dangerous by Ceaserous which has the same touch and sound like that of Bebe.

For starters, Queen and Ceaserous were released in 2011 and 2016 respectively. Easy was written and produced by talented beat maker, Daddy Andre (Mixed and Mastered by Herbert Skills).

If you listen to all the three beautiful songs, you will have agree with us that the difference is the similarity- except for the Lyrics, tempo and fused dance hall vibe! Aside from that, Easy is another problem from Big Size!

Compare and contrast!