Have you ever wondered why female artistes struggle less than male artistes in the entertainment industry? Well, it’s proved that sometimes female artistes offer more than business deals to their managers in exchange of extra financial support and fame. We have listed some of the local artistes rumored to sleep or have slept with their managers.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana’s manager, Lubega Roger is not only bank rolling her music career but also executing night duties perfectly and very soon we might witness the results. The pair are even constructing a mega bonking pad along Salaama road where they will enjoy themselves without disturbance from city landlords.

Spice Diana and her manager in Abu Dhabi


Fille Mutoni 

Despite always having an on and off relationship with TV presenter MC Kats, Fille started to sleep around with her manager when she had just joined the music industry. This after Kats promised to make her a star one day. Indeed he fulfilled his promise because; one can’t name the top singing divas in Uganda and leave Fille out. This couple is also blessed with a baby girl named Abbie.

Kats and Fille recently ended their relationship, but social media is used to these frequent breakups and makeups.

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Irene Namatovu

The relationship between Da Nu Eagles bosses Irene Namatovu and Geoffrey Lutaaya has always been an inspiration to many youths and married couples.

It one of the celebrity relationships that has endured all sorts of storms. The two musicians tied the knot in 2014 but had met in the early 2000’s as artistes in Eagles Production Band. When the band hit the dead end, the ‘Lutaaya’s’ decided to create their own band ‘Da Nu Eagles’ and have groomed several music stars like Bettinah Namukasa, Jovan Luzinda, Grace Khan among others.

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Hellen Lukoma

For Lukoma it went from a secret romance to an official relationship. The pencil sized artiste and actress recently introduced and married her manager Anwar Kaka, the CEO of Kan Records. Though she first denied sleeping with him, Lukoma officially tied the knot early this year and even changed her names from Hellen Lukoma to Hilal Kaka in a glamorous ceremony.

It’s believed that Kaka is responsible for financing Lukoma’s struggling music career, and all her fancy birthday parties, trips and her mansion that is still under construction.

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Renah Nalumansi

TV personality Justine Bass, the show host of ‘NBS Hit maker’ is Renah Nalumansi’s boyfriend/manager. It’s rumored that this TV star has slept around with almost all pretty girls that came his way, but Nalumansi has always been around to fight all battles to keep her romance with the manager/boy friend. In 2016 rumors had it that she almost went bare knuckles with ‘NBS Pandona Magazine’ host, Agatha over Justine Bass.

However it’s alleged that Nalumansi and Justine Bass held a secret civil marriage, and to cut all costs, this wedding was witnessed by a few family members and close friends.

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