Ggali ekozeko eba ngumu! One of Uganda’s leading Kadongo kamu singer, Gerald Kiwewa sung…This is a song that befits socialite Zari Hassan’s love life.

Zari at her real age which she keeps as a top secret has dated all kind of dudes; tall, medium, short, over size, slender, cute ones, rich ones, oh God you can name them.

But guess what? she is still going strong with no signs of retiring. A few days back, the inspirational Boss Lady (yes she is..basing on her ardent and passionate following) secured herself a hot charming and loaded dude, Danny Kals perhaps to shake off Ex boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz’s stress.

Well, today we bring a full package of guys that have ever tasted Zari’s waterlogged honey pot.

Ivan Ssemwanga

Father of her three sons, and married in a traditional wedding, this was Zari’s longest relationship. Ivan was known for his flamboyant lifestyle. He created the Rich Gang, a group of Ugandan dudes staying in South Africa with a penchant for big spending. Zari’s lifestyle fit so well with Ivan’s to the extent that Ivan bankrolled her White Parties annually. Zari and Ivan broke up in 2013. Ivan passed on in May 2017.

Isaac Lugude

Zari jumped onto the basketballer and former Big Brother housemate in 2014 after breaking up with Ivan Ssemwanga. This relationship could not last as long as many sections of the media thought. Isaac aka LK4 was too young and broke for the high maintenance socialite Zari.

Farouk Sempala

Almost immediately after her split from LK4, Zari hooked up with a less known Farouk Sempala. Little was known of Farouk and what he did for a living. Zari is known to date rich guys, celebrities, but Farouk? Some sections of the media reported that he was a con man, a drug dealer, reports we could not confirm. Their relationship was also short lived.

Diamond Platnumz

After the tumultuous relationship history following separation with husband Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari met an equally love hurt partner in Diamond Platnumz. The Tanzanian singer had just ended his relationship to model Hamisa Mobeto. Within months these two lovebirds were an item. Zari shifted residence from South Africa to Tanzania. They have two children together. But rumors of cheating on Diamond’s part kept coming up in different media and Zari was forced to end the relationship.

Danny Kals

This one is her latest official boyfriend..according to sources Zari hooked up with Danny on this years valentines day to celebrate life after Diamond platnumz heartbreak. Reports suggests that Zari has been hurting and jealous about how Diamond spoil new girlfriend, Tanasha Donna with love, care and money. The Boss Lady couldn’t look on just like that and boom! Her sumbie is now back on road test.

William Malecela

By the time this rumor of Zari dating Malecela, a TZ blogger spread, she was seeing Farouk Ssempala. The pair were pictured having some good time. However Zari came out and trashed it saying they were just pals.

Rasta Rob MC

Disc Jockey and veteran Radio presenter Robert Ogwal aka Rasta Rob MC also shocked the world recently when he claimed to have once dated and eaten Zari’s bearded meat. He even bragged that Zari should thank him for making her famous and success.

Celebs and Artists

Various Ugandan celebrities and artists have been linked with the socialite. However we can’t confirm if it happened or not. But if we are to speculate, the number of guys that have dated Zari could be in 10s.