Sheilah Gashumba’s boo, God’s Plan has finally broken silence about him being a married man with even a kid.

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According to a post on his Instagram account, God’s Plan is not bothered about the pic of him together with his alleged family which has been circulating on social platforms since yesterday.

“If this picture makes you feel angry or bitter inside then you need to go see a pastor/imam because your becoming a witch. Only balogo feel bitter and angry when people are happy naye abalogo mulibangi mu Kampala.”, his caption reads.

To show her commitment too, earlier today, Sheilah Gashumba also sided with her man and trashed all haters trying to ruin her relationship with baseless rumor. She revealed that no one knows God’s Plan more than her.

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Now let me make this clear for those who didn’t get the memo, there is nothing I don’t know about Marcus and there is nothing he doesn’t know about me that a stranger or a blogger will tell us about and guess what, we love each other just the way we are. So for now, just keep enjoying what we post when we decide to. Shouts out girls commenting all sorts of hateful things, im sorry to tell you that all your comments won’t let me leave him or let him leave me.I’m not your ordinary Ugandan girl that you will scare and when he is single you all will be running to him like wild dogs and please he ain’t your ordinary type of guy. So Bambi, awuledde ategezze omulala. So for now keep reading the blogs, screenshot, send your fellow gossip girls but the fact still remains that I’m still with the man of your dreams. Wabula temwagaliza, let me remind you guys of how you make fools of yourself every time, 
Ugandans love to be hypocrites all the time, the ones commenting are the same ones flirting and sleeping with their sister or best friend’s boyfriends with no shame whatsoever. So now are you trying to tell me you stupid gossip girls have never dated a man with an ex or a child. Since you know the answer deep down, I will let you drink water often and mind your business. Some of you try to really take care of yourselves to look good or have some glow but you still look crusty af, you know why, BECAUSE YOU DONT MIND YOUR BUSINESS. 
Lol!! I feel pity for sad and hateful people on the internet. I can already imagine how much sadness you have in your lives, homes and relationships and I can only feel sad about how toxic y’all to the people around.Sorry for you, may you get well soon. 
Please don’t argue with my post, I won’t read your comments because I’m too busy planing my future with my boyfriend, working on my store and planing my next holiday so argue with your keyboards. 
Ate buli omu asigale mu team ye! , she showed her loyalty to her man.