2019 so far is treating MC Kats like hell and worse enough we are still in February! From the look of things, Kats needs divine intervention to save his life, career and family before the worse comes to the worst.

No one probably knew that a seemingly failed relationship would break the lion in him because like he says, he is been through hell and bounced back like Philly Bongole Lutaaya’s Xmas songs.

But indeed his happiness is deteriorating each day that goes by courtesy of Fille Mutoni, now his Ex. It all started when Fille advised Kats to take a bow, forget everything and move on something that hit the celebrated King Of Mic below the belt. He couldn’t believe it and almost ran mad.

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But amidst all the drama, threats and apologies, the Fall In Love hit star has stood her ground and honestly, Kats could be eventually giving up.

Yesterday while appearing on NBS TV, he broke down and shed tears, leaving the audience in a somber mood. Will Fille soften her decision to save a soul? Lets keep our hands crossed!

Below is the clip;

MC Kats Exclusive Interview – #NBSUncut

VIDEO: MC Kats in an uncensored unapologetic exclusive interview. #NBSUncut #NBSUpdates

Posted by NBS Television on Monday, February 18, 2019