NBS TV presenter, Edwin Katamba commonly known as Mc Kats has moved a step closer to re-uniting with the mum of his kid, Fille Mutoni after he went on stage yesterday, knelt and begged Fille to forgive him.

MC Kats cause chaos on Valentines day when he jumped on stage as Fille performed Love Again ‘Abasajja Mwena Mufanagana’ song, grabbed a mic from her and shouted, “This Fille you see, I found her with nothing, I made her what she is today”

Yesterday, After 5 presenter, seized a chance as Fille performed, went on his two knees and begged her to forgive him.

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MC Kats TRULY loves Fille. He's Saying SORRY for what has happened! Are you happy?

Posted by Howwe.BIZ on Monday, February 18, 2019