It seems there is no bad blood between rapper, Fik Fameica and Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend Marcus aka God’s Plan.

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Many people thought that perhaps Fik Fameica is mad at God’s Plan after he successfully snatched Sheila away from him and started chewing her like a starved dog but its not the case.

Actually Freshbouy painstaking conceded defeat but moved on like a sleek ghetto ‘yutt’. Like the saying goes ” You either lose or join the winning team”– the Mafia hit star is doing just that.

Now, he is siding with God’s Plan and even going ahead to tip him on how to make things happen. “You always suppose to treat your woman like a Queen no matter what”, Fik Fameica posted the advise on his personal Facebook page.

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However, his post received mixed reactions from his fans. A one Sumayiya Bakanso trolled him; “U mean dats yy yagenda ne God’s plan?”. 

Well, as of now, Fik Fameica is still single, so babes on free transfer better try your luck.