TZ sensational star, Diamond Platnumz seems to be so sad now days and his misery could be proudly sponsored by ex bae, Zari Hassan happiness.

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Ever since he learnt that Zari is now happily being cultivated by a new cute and loaded guy, Diamond is no longer the same again.

The Boy From Tandale makes sure that he stings Zari whenever he happens to have the chance. A few days back he told the world how The Boss Lady wanted him back but he snubbed her, and now his latest interview perhaps serve to pluck of your feathers.

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Diamond claims that the reason why he couldn’t stay with the mother of her two kids is because she is way mature than him. Speaking to TZ local tabloid Magazine, he said;

“…sometimes we make decisions which are smart…i have learnt from my past mistakes and i thank God for it. Been in relationships that have taught a thing or two. Dating a babe who is way much older than me was the worst mistake ever and i can never do it…honestly its suicide to fall for a woman who is almost making 40 years…”. 

Meanwhile we are still waiting for Zari’s response and as usual we shall keep you posted.