Is Andrew Kabuura shooting blanks? This is a question probably on every concerned Facebook in-law’s mind.

Kabuura won the battle and tied the knot with TV star Flavia Tumusiime late last year in what seemed to be  a super lavish wedding ceremony.

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However , after making it official and surviving to chew fresh things on credit, results are apparently showing that the sports journalist is still fidgeting and failing to plant a seed that can effortlessly germinate in Flavia’s fertile womb.

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It’s coming to eight months of sweating but his night duties are not paying off apparently. Should we assume that the couple is on family planning methods or too busy to make babies? For all the dowry Andrew Kabuura coughed out ,at least Flavia should by now have returned the favor.

Anyway, we are still holding our breath, waiting to congratulate the couple but let us hope we don’t end up suffocating .