After spending sleepless nights, lamenting, pleading and begging for a second chance from ex girlfriend Fille Mutoni, Kats has finally given up and conceded defeat.

But still like a bad looser, the pint size King of the mic has refused to let go just like that minus exposing the guy who snatched the most treasured human being away from him. Yes,no more confusion and speculations! The guy is non other than Anda.

In a Facebook post,Kats revealed that Anda is the in driving seat, touring, cultivating and harvesting Fille’s juicy garden of eden like a starved dog. “…Why did i fit on long for Anda who did nothing in e road to e top 
And oohh I noticed I will neva fit or even bather any more coz they ain’t my level..”, he partly posted.

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For starters, Anda was Fille’s driver but perhaps the ‘Fall In Again’ hit star realized that he could perform night duties more than Kats and boom! she gave him a chance to navigate her thigh land to the district of Colombo and yes indeed Anda passed the test.

Below is Kats’ confirmation;

Sat back n thout wat was all this abt wat was in for Me nothing Wat did I get naraa but wat hve achieved alotWhy did…

Posted by MC KATS on Tuesday, March 12, 2019