What is it that Sheila Gashumba is serving God’s Plan that other City girls probably don’t have? This is perhaps a question that is running through the minds of many slay queens on Instagram.

Ever since the Lil stunner got hooked to the lavish ex-convict, the pencil thin TV star has been showered with nothing less than generous love.

From the expensive Dubai trips to the free million hand outs she was seen dishing out on several shows around town, Sheila has been probably the most blessed girl in Kampala for the last three months.

Just when you think their honey moon has hit an all time high God’s plan surprises you with another ground breaking record of love.

After spoiling the former NTV the beat presenter with a bouquet of flowers as a way of asking for forgiveness for sleeping outside without informing her,God Plan has once again showered Sheila with a million bucks just to go around town for shopping.

The flossy TV star could’t hide her excitement as she showed off millions of bundles that her boyfriend had given her on Instagram.”Am not allowed to snap money so kindly don’t snitch” Sheila Captioned the  video she posted on Instagram.

Chheck out the bundles of money God’s plan gave Sheila;