Renowned Local musician Ragga Dee has this morning responded to court summons and appeared at City Hall Court for allegedly playing loud music beyond permissible levels at his bar; Big Mikes, in Kololo, flouting public health regulations, and lack of operational license.

Grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna of City hall Court issued criminal summoned against Ragga dee to appear in court in person today(March 15,2019) together with the bar’s manager a one Ritah Nancy.

Prosecution states that Kazibwe and Nancy on February 28, 2019, at Kololo Central division in Kampala did play music equipment emitting noise above the National permissible levels under the National environment noise standards and level regulations 2003.

Kazibwe is also summoned to answer charges of failure to comply with an improvement noise and breaking Kampala Capital City Authority’s property [seals].

However, Ragga Dee, though he appeared calm,as he was captured wearing a smile in most of the pictures our reporter managed to take, is still perturbed by the fact that his bar was ”maliciously” closed , along with Atmosphere Lounge in the same locality, leaving the others that are involved in serious law breaking activities like selling Shisha untouched. In a recent interview , Ragga Dee claimed that some KCCA officers receive bribes from foreign business competitors, especially those who own hotel and want to out compete Ugandans by having their businesses closed so that they can tap clients who go to bars for food.

Check out this video of Ragga Dee with Maj.Juma Seiko ;


He said the closure of his bar was unfair since he had even paid KCCA operational license fees in December last year.

”I pay five license fees including that for the pool table,club, restaurant, guest house and bar and i paid all of them in december 2018 and KCCA received it. Does it mean I’m a  defaulter?” Ragga Dee asked.

He added that the closure has cost him over 70 million shillings.