The High Court in Kampala has ordered government to pay in damages opposition honcho and FDC Dr.Kizza Besigye to a tune of shs10 million for being pulled off a plane in 2016.

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Besigye was grabbed from the plane as it landed at Entebbe and arrested like a chicken thief by security operatives upon his return in the country following the 2016 general elections.

He later sued government for embarrassment and inhumane treatment.

On Friday, justice Musa Ssekaana ruled that it was an embarrassment, the manner in which the four time presidential candidate was treated by police during the arrest .

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“Police ought to have arrested him in a dignified manner especially at the airport which is our gateway for tourists and foreigners coming into and going out of the country,”Ssekaana said.

The judge said the manner in which the arrest was done can only be best described as being cruel adding that police ought to have performed better.

“The Police knew well in advance that they were to effect the arrest on arrival and should have presented written reasons before his arrest at the airport.”

Despite requesting for shs300 million for the inconvenience caused, the judge however said Besigye should only be compensated to a tune of shs10 million.