Popular Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platnumz finally agreed to meet his biological father, Abdul Juma after years of not being on the same page.

The singer who accused his father of abandoning his family was able to meet Abdul after the intervention of his WCB members.

The meet up which took place at WCB studios showed Diamond and his father embrace for a short while with the singer looking away and the Wasafi team cheering them on.

Abdul Juma has on several occasions tried to mend things with his son, even visiting the WCB studio with the hope of seeing him.

“I have realized Diamond is not on the wrong. I am the one who slipped. I already made peace with his mum. I thereafter saw it wise to look for Diamond and ask for his forgiveness,” the old man said on one of his visits there.

Diamonds father was diagnosed with skin cancer and needed urgent medical attention. Due to lack of funds, he reached out to his son Diamond for help.

His plea reportedly fell on deaf ears which let him admitting that he was ready to die if his conditioned worsened.

Abdul, however, picked himself back up and ventured into music releasing a song with fellow Tanzanian singers that got Diamond’s attention.

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