Arsene Wenger has revealed that he wanted to create a university within Arsenal while manager of the club.

The Frenchman, who fittingly earned the nickname ‘The Professor’ as a coach, left the Gunners last year after a 22-year spell that saw him earn praise for his innovative and pioneering approach to the game.

He wanted to take that even further by creating a centre within the club to research the mental, physical and technical aspects of the modern footballer.

He said: ‘My last dream at Arsenal was to create a university inside the club.

‘I was negotiating already with some big companies, like Sony, Siemens, because they had big research departments.

‘I am convinced that the next step can be that inside the clubs.’

The 69-year-old has continued this passion by investing in sports technology firm PlayerMaker.

For Wenger, the technology, which uses a sensor strapped to a player’s boot to measure physical and technical output during training and games, has the potential to break new ground in sport.

Wenger said: ‘It is more just to show support to technology that is forward thinking and above the rest and is easy to use and very accurate.