Singer Winnie Nwagi has finally opened up on why she is not bothered with the rumor about her love life making rounds on social media.

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According to Nwagi, her being single and ready to be bonked is the cause of the buzz. In an interview with a local TV station the bummy and yummy Mataala star said;

“Since many people outside there want to know my man, they end up linking me to men I have even never seen or dated,” Nwagi said before announcing that she is available for a relationship.

“I have freedom to be with any man I want. No one must be concerned about my relationship,” she said.

Nwagie further fusses that being a star does not rule out her vulnerability to love stress.

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“What you should know love disturbs all of us the same way. Love is a blessing. Personally I haven’t got anyone yet but life goes on and I enjoy it”, she said.

Winnie Nwagi reportedly broke up with her boyfriend General Czarbu after the estranged couple allegedly got involved in a physical fight. However the mother of one has a baby daddy who is not publically known.