Ever since the invasion of Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine in the entertainment industry, music became a lucrative business for artists.

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Chameleone became the 1st musician to charge one million per gig, a move which inspired other musicians who had good music to follow suit.

That was around early 2000 and now most artists are eating life with a big spoon and earning a fortune. Some like Bobi and Ragga Dee own swanky cribs and beaches where as other like Chamili invested heavily in real estate, entertainment and own a fleet of posh rides.

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But now Bebe Cool claims he is the richest artists in the land and no one comes close to him. While conducting an interview with a local tabloid Bebe bragged that the reason he jets out to America or South Africa to shoot videos at an Hollywood price is because i can afford.

“…some other artists diss me for shooting jaw dropping and expensive videos…music is my only business so i have to invest before milking it…”, he said before adding; “…surprisingly am richer than those who complain..none of them is richer than me…”.

A few weeks back, the Gagamel chief shipped in state of art music video equipment worthy 300M.