If you think that singer Rema Namakula will ever dump boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo for another musician the you are wrong!

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That will take donkeys year to happen according to her. In an interview with a local media outlet, the ‘Juice Wa Mango’ star Rema vowed never again to date a musician in her life.

“I can never date any other person in the music industry because I have gone through a lot. I never wish my daughter to join the industry or know the beauty of singing.” she opened up said.

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Rema added that she fell in love with Kenzo because (then) Kenzo was simple, down to earth, honest and real.

“Kenzo’s honesty attracted me, nothing about him was fake. When I met him he was real, some people today feel he changed because of fame but he is a real guy and I liked him.” 

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Rema has been in recent rumored to be so close to B2C’s lead singer, Julio. B2C and Rema have a massive love ballad ruling airwaves country wide.