Those of you who keenly kept track of the Ugandan music scene in the early 90’s should be familiar with the name Mc Rasta rob.

The legendary Mc worked for CBS radio for over a decade and instantly became a house hold name cultivating a number of connections in the country.

It is said that at the time when he was working for CBS, Rasta Rob was a very close friend to the current sitting president of DR Congo Joseph Kabila.

In fact a close source alleged that Rata Rob and Joseph Kabila were tight buddies and even shared a room in Bwaise.

However , when Kabila left Uganda to go and take over power in Congo after his father passed on, Rasta Rob lost contact with his tight friend and even never bothered to make an effort to stay in touch.

People who witnessed Rasta Rob and Kabila’s friendship allude that if the former was serious with keeping contacts ,he would have become Kabila’s right hand man or even most probably his vice.