In a bid to break into the Uganda music market, TZ and Wasafi Record’s crooner, Harmonize aka Konde Boy hit studio’s with his idol, Jose Chameleone early this year in South Sudan and recorded a song.

But for some reasons only known to the two artists, they decided not release it immediately but it has landed in the ears of our snoops.

And the good news is that the collabo is already on the black market. If the DJ plays ‘Inabana’ and you remain seated, then you probably have a problem.

‘Inabana’ carries the energy that you can only find in a club. The Swahili, English mixed with Luganda lyrics conjure the image of sweaty, uninhibited bodies moving in unison with the possibility of succumbing to the throb of the beat.

If well marketed and pushed, this song will be another big hit!

This comes at a time when Jose Chameleone just turned down a collabo request from Harmonize’s boss Diamond Platnumz.

Listen to it below;