The Ebonies actress Sulayina Nangendo commonly known as Princess Becky Jjuko almost broke down in tears Tuesday afternoon  as she appeared before the Anti-pornography committee over her recently leaked nudes.

The actress on Thursday last week broke the internet after her nude photos and video made their way to the public.

Becky is known for her role in the Ebonies drama series Oh My God (OMG) that airs on Bukedde TV every Thursday, and she also features on Ebonies music tantala, a music and dance show that happens every Tuesday at Theatre Labonita.

The actress has not been that popularly to many, but her 28 second porn video, and photos have raised her star status as she is currently the talk on social media.

Recently, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango  revealed that they had picked interest in Becky’s nude saga. He said that the actress should report to Police as soon as possible to make a statement as well as open a case against the person she thinks is behind the leakage.

“We are working with the Anti Pornographic Committee. When they finish their investigations against the nude photos and video they will tell us what to do with Princess Becky Jjuko. But at the moment I advise her to come to police and make a statement,” said Onyango.

Following this, the actress had no choice but appear before the committee chaired by Dr.Annet Kezaabu . With teary eyes and a shaky voice, Becky confessed that she is scared of looking in the camera, for the first time, because of the shame that befell her. She goes on to claim that she was black mailed by her ex-lover

Check out the video;


Dr.Kezaabu says that after speaking to Beckie, they realized that she is a victim, further warning bloggers against black mail and injecting money in the ‘nude-leaking business’. She adds that investigations are on and those responsible will be brought to book.


The 26-year old now joins the list of 2019 nude victims like, Martha Kay, the online comedienne who is currently in hiding after her nudes were leaked allegedly by her boyfriend, and Shawula Kasule, Supreme Mufti’s daughter whose nudes leaked during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Others who passed through the same experience include Cindy Sanyu, Robina Mweruka, Maama Fiina, Judith Heard, Anita Fabiola, Desire Luzinda among others.