Is American super star singer Beyonce Knowles coming to Uganda any time soon? That is the question probably on every ones lips after unofficial talks began taking momentum on social media.

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Although Beyonce’s management hasn’t confirmed any thing yet about a proposed concert in Uganda down in Masaka, a source close to a top City promoter intimated to us that a booking agency was still locked in talks with Beyonce’s camps and soon an agreement might be reached at enabling the super star to perform in Uganda for the first time.

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If the deal goes through as anticipated, Beyonce is likely to perform in Masaka although their strong suggestions from the organizers to shift the concert to Kampala

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After getting the unbelievable news from  bloggers some hommies from the land of ‘Nsenene have already designed artworks of Beyonce in Masaka just to show their excitement


If the organizers manage to pull this off then this would definitely be the concert of the year