Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz were at one time East Africa’s most admired celebrity couple.

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The two looked perfect until they bitterly broke up on 14th February in 2018 and since then, they have been throwing words at each other on several occasions.

The latest is that Zari’s sister, Asha claims that Bongo star is broke but he keeps blowing his own trumpet.

She attacked him  through a video after he posted a picture posing next to his dream car, a Rolls Royce while in the USA. Diamond says he will buy one of them and a plane.

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“The house he is staying in is rented and he is talking about buying a plane right here ayii, ” Zari’s sister Asha commented.

“There is no way my man can buy me a Toyota and he buys himself a Rolls and a chopper unless when he doesn’t love me, but he is just trying to use me to hurt his ex,” she added relating to the birthday rides the singer bought for Tanasha and his mom recently.

Asha’s comments are most likely to be inspired by the fact that Zari’s new hubby owns a fleet of cars that consists some of Diamond Platnumz’s dream rides.