Dancehall star, DJ Micheal might not be wanting to wake up if at all he fell asleep anyway. Yesterday was one of his saddest days yet it was designed to be a massive one.

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DJ Micheal, who gave himself ranks and started calling himself King Micheal held a concert at Freedom City with hopes of reaping massively but it turned out a record breaking flop.

DJ Micheal @freedom exactly 7:30pm! Forget the propaganda, am going to post latest update in an hour! Tebabalimba 👇👇

Posted by Jonah Iga Matovu on Friday, August 23, 2019

Most of Ugandan music fans preferred to stay home and bonk themselves or do other businesses…a few turned up. The venue proved to be too big and yes indeed, fellow comrades who came through to support a brother like Bebe Cool noticed it.

While on stage, Bebe Called out DJ Micheal, consoled and pampered him with words of courage.

“…Micheal you shouldn’t get disappointed by the low turn up. These are your real fans. You will be mocked with pics all over social media but stay strong”, he said to him.

However Gagamel chief’s words never served to purpose as King Micheal burst into tears and cried, leaving fans saying sorry.