In twist and turns of things, interesting info reaching us indicates that Rema’s new catch, Hamza Sebunya has never been a doctor or a gynecologist. Shocking, right?

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Well, a fortnight back internet users came to know about, Hamza as the guy who is set to be introduced by singer Rema Namakula to her parents after sensationally dumping celebrity boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo. Since then it has been a topic of interest on social media till to date.

It has always been alleged Hamza is a qualified Gynecologist practicing from Mulago hospital but now his close pal has apparently opened up in an interview with a local media outlet earlier today that his buddy is not a Doctor…that he is just a medical supplier.

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“Hamza is not a doctor, he does medical supplies and by that I mean, he supplies all stuff needed in clinical practices like gloves, facial masks, kidney plates, catheters, Needles, syringes, etc. He also supplies wheel chairs, and all other stuff needed in rehabilitation centers,” his pal said.

He further revealed that Hamza does all this from his company called Akron diagnostics and laboratory supplies Uganda and that he’s one of the main suppliers to most major hospitals and mostly serves agencies like the NGO’s who come to Uganda to help impoverished communities.

Furthermore, the close pal intimated that Hamza harvests a total that ranges from shs100million to shs300million in a month depending on the season.