For the past two weeks, rumor has been making round, linking singer Grenade Official to the late AK47’s  widow, Maggie.

This was after Grenade shared videos and pics of Maggie on Snap chat, branding her “My world”.

Perhaps fans and followers have been still doubting since Maggie is way to old to serve her experienced beans to a broke guy in Grenade. But now the pair have yet again let the cat out of the bag…they are bonking!

The TNS star a few days back rushed with a bouquet of rose flowers to Entebbe Airport just to give his aged Nalongo a deserving welcome.

They later drove off at a break neck speed, heading to Grenade’s rented bonking nest in Makindye and apparently chewed themselves like starved dogs.


MUZUKUKE MUZUKUKE online inlaws Widow Ak 47 Nalongo Marggie anonebwa omwagalwa we omupya gweyakafuna omuyimbi Grenade Mubitiibwa ebinji from airport. Atalina akwagala snapchat ekulemye ekili eli Ohh abaana besaaba "senyiga"Anyway add me for more updates kaggwarita

Posted by Ritah Kaggwa on Monday, October 7, 2019