100.2 Galaxy Fm show-cased talent in different sports disciplines more so football that was organized by the USPA president Patrick Kanyomozi.

Galaxy Fm was in group C alongside Namuwongo based radio station K-Fm, Baba television, Impact fm and Radio Sarpientia where Galaxy Fm emerged as group winners with 10 points.

On the round of 16, Galaxy fm won CMC with a 1-0 victory scored by Enoch Mugabi, then qualified for quarter finals where it won Impact radio 2-1 in penalties after a goalless draw in the open play.

Later in the day, Galaxy fm played Vision group with an entertaining display of football where the game ended in a goalless draw before loosing it in penalties by 1-2.

Galaxy fm was number four overall among the 25 teams that took part in the whole tournament after loosing in a classification game against Baba tv in penalties.

Galaxy fm is the only radio that had talented babes since it was a must that each team must have a girl footballer on the pitch meaning Zainab Ali and Rashidah Nakaayi all from the Galaxy fm news department had to take part. Zainab was the only female player who scored the most entertaining goal among all ladies who took part.

Galaxy fm also featured in athletics where the Zina manager Ashiraf Ajobe Habib took part and he won gold in the 100 meters race.

Galaxy Fm’s next football outing will be against the residents of Namagoma in a way of reaching it’s audience.