Socialite, Zari Hassan a.k.a The Boss Lady has disbanded her loyalty with Kenya Airways again citing continued robbery!

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Zari took anger on her Instagram account and revealed how she was robbed of four expensive perfumes and her new $2440 suit she was supposed to wear at a meeting tomorrow.

She has now provided an ultimatum to the flight company to find her belongings and return them to her on the flight return date before her relationship with KQ ends in peace.

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“So disappointed in Kenya Airlines. I’ve been loyal, but you always do me wrong. The other times I’ve ignored, but not today. All my perfumes I received as gifts from my friends in Dubai just disappeared. What am I supposed to wear for my meeting?

Let’s not ignore the fact that your flights are always delayed and no explanation is given to passengers, still I ignored. I’ve never been on a KQ flight that’s on time. Shame on you.

Official Kenya Airways, you have my return date. Better make sure someone finds me in the lounge and returns what belongs to me. I didn’t travel for free, you set me back $2440, now I want what’s mine back. Periodt! And we will end this relationship in peace”.

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