1. Sports Club Villa is the most decorated football club in the history of Ugandan football with a number of 16 trophies at their back despite having their last league trophy in the early 2000’s.

Sports club Villa has been mostly disturbed by a number of factors and among which is the administration.

Last year, a scenerial happened at Villa Park when fans headed by a staunch Villa fan and the former FUFA vice president in charge of the league Dennis Mbidde expressed their unsatisfactory leadership in their former president Ben Emmanuel Misagga.

Over the weekend, the club made some reshuffle in th Publicity Relations department of the club where Bernard Ewalu Olupot was brought in to replace Sharon Sarah Adong.

In a statement released by sports Club Villa, it read, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Bernard Ewalu Olupot as the club’s new Public Relations Officer(PRO) with immediate effect.

Bernard Ewalu Olupot is a digital, communications and Public Relations practitioner with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, working with a number of top brands.

However, now the former club PRO, Adong Sarah Sharon on her facebook page came out with a statement saying; “YOU WILL APPRECIATE ME IN THE GRAVE, even without paying my 10 months salary areas, you have the guts to replace me”

Sarah Sharon Adong advised the Villa management to stop fooling the public and tell them the truth.

Sharon expressed how she is disappointed with the management of sports club villa, she asked God to punish the Sc Villa management even when she is in the grave thus warning them that she has covered enough trash of sports club Villa leaders hence just the beginning.