Finally Rema Namakula’s rumored witch doctor Mama Fina has confirmed that she will attend the talented singer’s introduction ceremony come the 14th of November

Mama Fina was speaking to one local media house in town and revealed that besides Rema being a patient person, the ‘Silmuyembe’ hit maker is soft spoken, lovely and sings very well some of the few traits that have made her win a soft spot among rich people.

”There is no way i can fail to support my friend Rema. It is hard not to support some one who is patient, soft spoken and sings well. It one of the reasons she has gained favour amon the rich people” Mama Fina revealed when she was asked about attending Rema’s introduction ceremony.

It is said that Rema is best friends with Mama Fina and that the singer always consults her on family matters beyond her understanding.

Rema is set to introduce her new boy friend Sebunya Hamza to her parents on the 14th of November