A group of 23 people including the Gombolola Internal Security Officer (GISO)have been put behind bars at  Kaabong Government Prison for practicing open defecation.

Gabriel Adupa, the GISO Lolelia Sub County and 22 others were remanded until Friday while appearing before the Grade One Magistrates court.

Grade I magistrate of Kaabong, Moses Otim on Wednesday remanded them on charges of being public nuisance contrary to the Public Health Act.

These people are part of a group of locals who failed to comply with a notice issued by the Kaabong Town Council authorities to construct latrines within six months. The notices were issued in June 2018.

The Council of Kaabong passed an ordinance requiring each household to construct a latrine after realizing a low latrine coverage.
Most households in Karamoja answer go to either open places or nearby bushes for nature’s call.

According to the Public Health inspector Paulino Meri latrine coverage In Kaabong Town Council, stands at 41 percent.

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics UBOS report of 2014 indicates that there 11,500 people in Kaabong Town Council and about 6800 have no latrine access.