Traditional and Afro-fusion singer Ameria Nambala well known for her afro-energetic and grooving music is back with another brand new song, a music video for her new song called “Kabila Kange.”

“Kabila” is a Luganda word which means “Beads” when traslated to English and “Kange” is another Luganda word that means “Mine” when translated to English.

Locally known her Afro-fusion rooted music, Ameria Nambala has shot the music video for her latest song with Director Kim Xp.

This new song is a kiganda (Ngoma Nganda) song with the best concept that will surprise all the viewers of this video. This song was produced by two different music producers namely: Brian JJ and Isma Pro.

The song Lyrics were written by singer and songwriter Jamie Culture.

Check Out Some of the Behind the Scenes Photos Below: