There is no doubt that Rema’s introduction ceremony is among the most expensive traditional functions we have had this year or if not the most expensive atleast going by what we witnessed on the 14th of November.

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It is estimated that the power couple spent over 300 million shillings just to put the function at a level or status the public views them as individuals

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In a bid to silence haters and impress fans it is alleged that Hamza with the help of his close family friend Kirumira  took a huge loan from the Kwagalana group and  promised to pay it back with some interest

The source which preferred anonymity also intimated to us that since Rema was desperate to be introduced, she got involved in the deal and promised to help Hamza fiance the interest accruing debt

It is not yet clear how much loan Hamza took from the said Sacco but it is alleged that it was in excess of 300 million

As a way of verifying the claims we tried to reach out to Rema for a comment but her fans were switched off by press time

This is a developing story and we promise to follow it up to the very end