Simon Ssenyonga, a self professed son of the prophet has been introduced by his long time bonk mate, Sharon Kyomugisha of UBC in Bugolobi, Kampala.

Ssenyonga, himself a lawyer gets to formally meet the father of his sweetheart, whom from trusted sources we have learnt is a most senior lawyer within Kampala. The two have been together for years, since their days at campus.

Their love for Prophet Mbonye is what sealed their union. “They had been together, but I think the fact that they all worship with the prophet is what further strengthened their ties. They had to get married and we saw this happening a long time ago.”, Remnant tipped us.

Recently we broke the news of their bridal shower that was itself so pompous. It was said to cost well over 50M and we are wondering how much is going to be splashed today.

We have brought you initial photos from the introduction that is happening now and we shall return with a proper analysis of the event at a later time.