Without even second guessing, Bending over and Rub-dubbing are some of the dirtiest dance moves you will ever experience when having fun in most of Kampala’s happening places.

If you’re a fan of squeezing bummy babes, then you must have gotten a real treat every time you hit  Kampala’s  night clubs as almost every party animal you meet will be bending it over

Well it seems like our local artists have now borrowed some of the dirty moves perceived to be for clubs and have taken them on stage to entertain revelers

One such artist who has borrowed the dirty whining from club for stage attainment  is none other than Nutty neithan.

Over the weekend the ‘Kwatya Eccupa’ hit maker made news for himself when he left horny guys mesmerized after calling on a bummy babe to come on stage and then squeezed all the juice out of her soft bums

Watch video below;

Nutty Neithan dutty dancing with curvy babe on stage

"Diana! Ngolina ebilungo, Diana! Ndi matu gwe mugongo, Timer! Nzuno wakayima, Timer! What's the time? Eeh Ehh, mumilo mumilo…"Trust Nutty Neithan to give you a good show when Evelyn Luganda steps on stage with the dutty wine.

Posted by Mbu on Sunday, December 1, 2019